Lovehoney and Sustainability

Find out what actions we're taking to make Lovehoney a more sustainable business

Lovehoney’s mission is to bring sexual happiness to the world through the products we sell and the content we produce, and we’re delighted that we’re pretty far along in our journey to do just that.

As a fast-growing, global brand, we know we have an ever-increasing responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet. We know it’s important to get this right, and we’re working on a plan to make sure that as we grow, we make a positive difference.

We’ve already taken some first steps on climate change, plastic packaging and sustainable materials. See below for a few that we’d like to share with you. Watch this space for more.

We’re part of the Climate Action Roadmap

Lovehoney is proud to be part of the British Retail Consortium Climate Action Roadmap, working with other brands towards a net zero carbon economy.

We’re reducing single use plastic

We know that packaging plays an important role in protecting products, but it shouldn’t come at an unaffordable cost to the planet.

Our aim is for all our own-brand Lovehoney product packaging to be free of single-use plastic by 2023 - and we are on track to achieve that.

We like to bring our friends on the journey with us, so we’ll be encouraging our brand partners to do the same.

We’re keeping it simple and sustainable

We have steadily replaced plastic with cardboard for interior packaging components - for example where a product needs to be secured in place in its box to avoid damage during transit.

It might mean our product packaging looks a little less fancy, but we have already stopped using glitter and reduced the use of foil, gloss laminate and matt laminate finishes on exterior packaging. Keeping it simple is - simply - better for the planet.

We’re proud of our plain brown boxes

Of course they are 100% discreet, but did you know that the boring brown boxes in which we send out orders are made up of between 80% and 98% recycled-recyclable materials? They are also 100% recyclable in your local household recycling collection.

We have been tracking the materials used in our packaging - and the size of our boxes - for some years, and have already achieved a significant reduction in packaging weight per unit sold since 2017.

We’re launching our first sustainable lingerie range

In April 2021 we’re excited to launch our first ever range of sustainable Lovehoney lingerie, Lovehoney Mindful.

The Mindful Collection includes:

  • Lace and elastics made from pre-consumer recycled yarns
  • No single use plastic
  • A 100% compostable cornstarch bag
  • Swing tags made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) recycled kraft paper with a paper string.

We’re looking forward to using the Mindful range as a springboard to learning how to introduce eco-conscious elements to the rest of the Lovehoney Lingerie range.

We’ll keep you updated

As we make progress with the above initiatives, and introduce new ones, we’ll keep updating this page so that you can see where we are on our sustainability journey.